Saturday, December 5, 2015

Two Orca Booklets Added - The J16s and Eclipse and Nova

November - Just added - Slick J-16 and her family group, including the two babies - J50 and J52 !

December 4 - Just added a new Eclipse J-41 with her offspring, Nova J-51 !

After completing over 12 years observing the whales I have been putting together booklets about some of the individuals in the Southern Resident Community.
The goal of each booklet is to give the viewer a glimpse into the lives of individuals and families in the community, through my eyes.

Each whale has a personality and a story to tell and each booklet is different.
Images and text tell the story about the individual and unique events in their life.  Here's a sample:

Currently several booklets are available with more in the works.
Each booklet is 8 1/2 x 11" and 10 to 15 pages.   
The booklets are available from:

Click on image to enlarge 
Please note: special requests, such as a personal note added to the inside of the cover (sometimes a gift for someone) or requesting a booklet for a specific whale not shown, are welcome. However, please know that in the busy summer months it may take a while to complete a booklet. 
As new booklets are created they may include 2015 information about the individual's life.  However, that may vary depending on what's going on with them at the time.

I'll add new booklets when they become available.

Thanks for your interest.

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